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The Acousticals

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The Acousticals

RICHIE REINHOLDT (guitar, mandolin, vocals). Originally from California, Richie has been a professional musician his entire adult life. His experience and talent combine to make him one of the top guitarists in Montana. He spent most of the 70’s touring with regionally successful “Live Wire Choir”, a newgrass and western swing group and then settled in Missoula performing in dozens of bands over the years. Richie is an integral part of the Montana bluegrass family. He has also released many solo albums, most recently, "Night and Day" (2011) and "Pleasure Madness" (2013). Richie is the lead singer and songwriter for the Acousticals but also plays currently in Lochwood, the Bop A Dips, and Britchy, which recently released the two albums "Dream On" (2012), and "Every Heartache" (2014). If you watch carefully, his fingers never leave his hand.........

CHAD FADELY (mandolin). Chad’s tasteful solos and impeccable tone have made him one of Western Montana’s most in-demand mandolin players. Currently Chad plays in several regional bands including Lochwood, New South Fork and the Leftover Biscuits, and was a founding member of the well-known Missoula based band, Long Overdue. He also played in the popular local band Pinegrass for many years. Chad’s original tunes can be found on his four CDs: “Mandolin Escapes” (2005), “The Backroom” (2007), iMando (2010), Amity Road (2012).

BRITT ARNESEN (bass and vocals). Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Britt moved to Missoula in 2011 to join the thriving bluegrass scene. Through her duo Britchy (with Richie) she has established a well-deserved reputation as a songwriter and instrumentalist. Britt joined the Acousticals in 2015 because she really loves playing bass and loves original music written in the bluegrass style. She has released two solo albums in addition to the two with Britchy: "Continental Divide" (2010) and "Middle of the Rainbow" (2011).