539 E. Main, Bozeman MT 59715    (406) 587-4761          Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm

The Salamanders

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The Salamanders

Garage Country Rock from Bozeman, Montana!!

Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, The Salamanders are a four piece garage country band that formed in 2006. Powered by driving dual guitars and a relentless rhythm section, The Salamanders put on seriously energizing live performances and throw down recordings laced with a creative edge. They are everywhere.


"...Straight out of Bozeman, Montana, with a more legitimate rock 'n' roll sound than half the bands on the Scion fest roster. No offense to those guys, but with the over-saturation of the "garage" sound these days, the real thing can be hard to determine. What's the real thing? Unassuming sincerity, balls-out energy, and the fearlessness to borrow from other bands and sounds with the intent of making original, interesting music rather than a carbon copy of what people already like to hear. Bringing Dead Milkmen-type punk agitation, twangy surf style, and even a slight bit of classic country at the edges, the Salamanders are sure to stomp and shred the place into a frenzy. Yeah, these guys are it."

"The Salamanders play garage country spiked with reverb surf guitar, dipped in Chuck Berry riffs and slathered in fiery punk flavor. On Hellbender, the Bozeman band shows a sneaky ability to lure you in with a flirtatious intro before taking you on a wild ride through Appalachian landscapes dotted with whirlwind guitar solos. "Black Genie" starts with a bump-and-grind intro, then hurls itself into a rockabilly hurricane seasoned with minor key pop punk à la the Ramones. The twangy "Sugar Tree" takes pause before exploding into a dance song that could induce a room of pomade-styled boys and girls to break out in the jitterbug. "We Got the Twist" builds walls of whining guitar and fuzz over what could be a Dead Milk-men bassline. It's all kind of familiar, but genuinely contagious. Some songs, like "Gasoline" and "Future Shock," don't quite get off the ground in comparison, but only because they're just good, not electric. If you loved Bozeman's now-disbanded The Touchers, whose albums overflowed with galloping, neurotic madness, you'll find comfort in the Salamanders. At any rate, it's the kind of cool group I daydream about fronting, though I could never beat Peter King's sassy, gravelly vocals."