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What are you looking for?


Cover/Tribute band doing classic rock/variety rock. Musicians interesting in doing original project and collaborative writing.


I was born and raised in southwestern Montana and began my musical journey through life as a classically trained cellist and bassist, performing with such groups as the Montana State University Chamber Orchestra, Intermountain Opera Company and the Bozeman Symphony. As an electric bassist I have performed extensively in a wide variety of groups and settings over the past 35 years. Through the years I have worked to combine my classical training with modern influences from groups such as Rush, Yes, The Who, Journey and Collective Soul. I have developed a melodic approach to the bass that still offers the fundamental drive that is found in modern music. I am an accomplished vocalist with a wide range that is suitable for many rock styles.
I play Fender, ESP and my own custom built basses and use Ampeg and Carvin amplifiers with SWR and Carvin speaker cabinets.