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Dean Prince

Looking and available for tasty experienced players


No Degree and I don't care to drop names, just one hell of a lot of experience, and a head full of good complementary feel and singing
National Caliber Drum Corp is where I got my start at drumming. Back in the world I turned in my rifle for some sticks in the Marine Corp. On rotating out of the crotch I've played everything from Jazz at the Longhorn to Avant'gard on the west and polkas at the Belmont, I've played all the grooves, there is not signature tempo or feel I cannot just reach out and make love to.

Raised and playing with some fine musicians in the inner city Minneapolis, and a lot of Mo-Town bunker blowing with the brothers in Vietnam is where I got my soul and range for blues .

Plenty of gear and I can step into pretty much anything and make it smell better.
They called me Mr Blue over the pond. Here I just go by BroDean --the Falcon Prince.