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Colter Chatriand

Looking to start an old-school punk rock band akin to Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, or Bad Brains. Would like to start with covers, but would be willing to write originals if the shoe fits. None of that pop-punk Blink-182 bullshit!!


Born and raised in Montana, I've recently moved back from Austin, TX and am looking to make a new start in the town I was born in (Butte). I started playing drumset for pep band in high school and became a John Bonham enthusiast. After starting college at MSU, I helped form the experimental rock band Panther Car back in 2011. Looking for a bigger music scene, I moved to Austin, TX in 2012. Upon arrival, I started getting into psychedelic rock as well as punk rock. In 2014 I started a psych band called Porno Strange Jams with a sound akin to Pink Floyd, and then in 2015 I helped start another psych band called Bliss Spiller with a sound more akin to The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Over time Bliss Spiller's sound became more of a hard rock or punk rock sound, and that is the sound that I would like to continue pursuing in Montana. I'm unaware of any punk scene in this state except maybe a little in Missoula, but Butte is my hometown and I'm ready to spread the love.