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Jesse Maw

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Jesse Maw

Available for fiddle, contemporary violin, and mandolin lessons, as well as to play gigs with anyone looking for a violin or mandolin in any genre.



Jesse Maw is a musician and writer from the state of Montana, where he has studied music since the early age of 5. He started fiddle music initially, becoming very proficient in the Texas-style fiddle tradition, where he went on to win multiple National Oldtime Fiddle Championships in Weiser, ID, along with many more competitions, in his early teens. Continuing the momentum from fiddle styles, Jesse expanded his musical horizons when he started studying Swing, Jazz, and improvisation. Since then, Jesse has gone on to study and perform in many musical styles, including Country, Fusion, Bebop, Indian Carnatic, Microtonal, and Just Intonation. In addition, he has personally studied across the globe under some of the world's most prominent musicians, including fiddle giants Mark O'Connor, Billy Contreras, and Jimmie Don Bates, jazz violinists Christian Howes and Didier Lockwood, and legendary musical tuning expert, Siemen Terpstra. Jesse has taught or performed at workshops and festivals across the U.S., including the Shasta Music Summit, the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival, and Djangofest Northwest. He also gives private instruction in his spare time. Along with the violin, he plays and enjoys the mandolin, guitar, tenor guitar, and tenor banjo. He also engages in a bit of singing, and one of his personal favorites: whistling. Having grown up in the beautiful, natural environment that encompasses the Flathead Valley in Montana, Jesse developed a love for the outdoors and a contemplative life style. His interests revolve around continual learning through reading, writing, and listening, in subjects such as literature, philosophy, language, sports, and of course, music, to name a few.