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Norman Mellin

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Norman Mellin

I am a fiddle player looking for experienced musicians to play old-time and bluegrass music with. I also teach Fiddle, Violin, Cello, Bass & Guitar.


Norman Mellin, 249 Reserve Place, Kalispell, MT 59901, 406-309-2858, ncmellin@gmail.com

Biographical Sketch of Norman Mellin
Norman Mellin was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and received his early musical training on the piano at the age of four. His mother, who was a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory of Music in piano performance, was a staunch advocate of classical and folk music within the family. This influence and reverence for folk culture and traditional arts became the major factor in his pursuance of classical and folk music.

During his formative years, he studied violin and cello with distinguished members of the Pittsburgh Symphony and piano with his mother. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music where he completed his undergraduate work. At the conservatory he studied violin, cello, bass, classical guitar, string methodology, and music composition. He continued his graduate studies at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, in violin, cello and instrumental/choral conducting.

During his career as a professional music educator, Mr. Mellin researched and studied the folk music spectrum as a means to enrich the experience of his students. Upon moving to Starkville, Mississippi, the home of Mississippi State University, Mr. Mellin undertook the study of southern folk life and musicians through extensive field recordings of old-time fiddlers and documenting other aspects of Mississippi folk culture. This research introduced his private students to the rich folk heritage of Mississippi fiddling and fiddling from many other areas of the South and Mid-west. Mr. Mellin has produced nearly forty CD’s and DVD’s of Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio and North Carolina fiddlers.

From his private violin and bass students, Mr. Mellin formed a group called “The Goat Ropers String Band” in Starkville, MS. This group performed extensively throughout Mississippi, the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas, Thacker Mountain Radio in Oxford, MS, WCPC radio Houston, MS and on WTVA TV's Morning Show in Tupelo, MS. This string band later became known as Nash Street, and won the first place prize of $100,000 in the Colgate Country Music Competition in Nashville, TN. The following link is one of their original songs entitled Mississippi Queen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWHu6Yz7cbQ

Mr. Mellin is the recipient of a $3000 National Endowment for Arts grant and two $2000 Mississippi Arts Commission Folk Art Apprenticeships. The first apprenticeship was granted in 1993 to study with old-time fiddler, Charles T. Smith, in Cumberland, MS, and the second apprenticeship was granted in 2001 to study with old-time gospel fiddler, John "Buddy" Crocker of Greene County, MS. Five of his private students have been awarded Folk Art Apprenticeships in Mississippi for fiddling.

House of David Blues on YouTube